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       Filter Nozzles

      IDST has a wide selection of sand filter nozzles which are available with the following configurations. Vertical slot filter nozzles, horizontal slot filter nozzles, intermediate plate nozzles, long or extra long stem nozzles with quick fit or standard fitting accessories, which can be used for many different applications. These include Water Treatment Plants (WTP) for producing drinking water; Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) and other urban and industrial waste water treatment plants. There are also filters and collectors for swimming pools.



       Filter Nozzles with Vertical Slots

      Slot openings : 0.25 - 4 mm
      Threads : 3/8''G - 1¼''W
      Stem lengths : 14 - 450 mm
      Materials : PP - ABS - PPFV - PVDF

      Other dimensions, material, slot openings are subject to request.





       Filter Nozzles with Horizontal Slots

      Slot openings : 0.10 - 4 mm
      Threads : 1/2''G - 1¼''W
      Stem lengths :20 - 450mm
      Materials : PP - ABS - PPFV - PVDF - AISI 304 - AISI 316L - Hastelloy

      Other dimensions, materials, slot openings are subject to request.



       Fixing Accessories

      Fixing nuts : Available for any thread and material.

      Screw anchors for plates and pipe :

      TS series : Suitable for plates. PP or PVDF material options, self locking, no nut required, fully tight connection.

      TM series : Connections on pipes. PVC or PP/EPDM material options, TM series screw anchors is used with PVC adaptor.

      Pipe fittings

      MT series : PVC or PP/EPDM material options, self locking by nail extensions.

      Others : Gaskets, assembly wrenches, tightening torque devices, antiadhesives spray for plastic and rubber, sleeves for PVC pipe.




       Filter Nozzles for Softeners

      Slot opening : 0.2 - 0.25mm

      Connection : by glue, quick connect, threaded.

      Threads : 1/2"G - 1 1/4"W

      Pipe dimensions : 10 - 32mm

      Material : ABS (Acryonitrile butadiene styrene)



      Swimming Pool Filter Nozzles



       Filter Nozzle Collectors

      Slot Opening : 0.25 - 0.5mm

      Number of collector arms : 6 - 12 pieces

      Length : 85 - 602mm

      Materials : PP, ABS (Acryonitrile butadiene styrene) other materials on request.



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